2020 New Design Vacuum Hair Trimmer

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    • 【Sucking Snipped Hairs Technology】How annoying the snipped hairs are! Baby will feel uncomfortable and cry when the snipped hairs falling down everywhere. With sucking snipped hairs technology and biult-in snipped hair storage, this baby hair clipper is the trouble shooter of this trouble maker. The 99% snipped hairs will be sucked into the strorage of hair clipper automatically.
    • 【Fully Washable】Unique sealing design, the whole body of this baby hair clipper is waterproof at an IPX-7 level. This feature will help you easily tidy up the snipped hairs by using the provided brush and then clean it in water. This baby hair clipper normally works even when its body is dipped in water. Parents can use it to cut their baby’s wet hairs when the baby is taking a bath.
    • 【Low Working Noise Technology 】Advanceded noise reduction technology and high quality noiseless motor to enabble this baby hair clipper to work in very low vibration and low working noise, which is less than 60dB. This quiet feature will help your baby relax and comfort.
    • 【Special R-Sharped Blade】Special R-sharped design blade with widened rounded tips, which is special for 0-12 years old,additionallly the ceramic blade and high quality noiseless motor to secure safety. It will not harm or scratch infant’s sensitive skin.


    • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
    • Rated power: 5W
    • Net Weight: 0.6kg
    • Size: 20 x 5.2mm
    • Available Colors: Blue / Pink
    • Mode: Level 1: Haircut mode; 2nd gear: haircut + hair suction mode
    • Package Inclusion: 1 SET of Vacuum Hair Trimmer