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Portable Shoe Rack Organizer with Magnetic Clear Door for Closet Entryway

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5 Tiers- 20 Pairs
5 Tiers- 20 Pairs
7 Tiers- 28 Pairs
7 Tiers- 28 Pairs
9 Tiers- 36Pairs
9 Tiers- 36Pairs
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  • 3-Minute Quick Installation Design:the folding storage box is one-piece,providing you with quick installation and fast folding. easier to use, store and carry.
  • Free Combination:It can be assembled into a shoe storage cabinet,or it can be used as a sneaker rack to form a wall.You can choose show boxes of multiple sizes to combine.
  • Material : PP+PET,Shoe rack has no irritating odor 、green environmental protection.The thickened folding support frame has strong bearing capacity.
  • Multifunctional Storage Box:A collapsible shoe rack that caters to all kinds of storage needs; Accommodates everything from standard-sized men’s and women’s shoes such as sneakers, flat shoes, high heels, etc., to daily items like books, toys, cosmetics, snacks, towels, collections;
  • Suitable For A Variety Of Scenarios: This foldable shoe case can be used in different household scenes such as wardrobe, bedroom, living room, garage, loft, outdoor, and so on.

Say goodbye to complicated installation,save time and effort. This Free standing shoe racks is perfect for you!

Foldable shoe box is use foldable integrated design which let more stable for shoe rack.

Product features of shoe racks
  1. Quick installation
  2. Easy to fold
  3. Stronger load-bearing
  4. Transparent visible window door
  5. Easy to take shoes

How to use shoe rack organizer?

Step 1:Open the package and take out the shoe cabinet.

Step 2:Put down the shoe cabinet and whole stretching, assemble the

midplane and backle the button.

Step 3:Assemble the backplane and backle the button.

Step 4:Tear off the protective film.

Step 5:Put out the door panel, backle the surrouding button from the inside.

Step 6:The installation is complete.

Shoe organizer for entryway is made of high quality plastic (PP+PS) material,strong and sturdy.Shoe storage box is used for daily storage shoes.
  • Common grids:suitable for flats,leather shoes,casual shoes,sneakers,tennis shoes.
  • Large grids:suitable for high heel shoes,boot,long boot.