Two in One Spray and Microfiber Cloth Touchscreen Mist Cleaner for All Phones Laptop and Tablet Screens

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  • Highlights of product: with spraying and rubbing,It is easy to carry with its size of a lipstick, it is soft for its super fiber cloth and do not hurt the screen, the decontamination ability is strong,It can be used repeatedly, it can be used after cleaning and drying
  • Functions:cleaning,disinfect,antistatic, degreasing ,Remove the oil and fingerprint,   Scope of useing: Currently using for cellphone/ tablet PC/notebook PC/indicator/television screen
  • Using methods:1. Spray the cleaner head to the screen at a distance of 1-2 from the 3.9in  2. Remove stains by gently wiping the super fiber cloth on the bottle.  3. After wiping, it is as clean as new
  • Material: AS+True super fiber.  Size:3.45inx1.1inx1.1in. Note: The new product is empty package, no cleaner, please fill in your usual cleaner
  • Because it is made of plastic and cloth, it will not spray or leak after a long time using. The cloth will be dirty and will not be cleaned. It is recommended to replace the new product regularly according to the frequency of use.
  • Attention: 1: do not put in high temperature places, especially near the source of fire, lest products soften, deformation. 2:Please avoid sun exposure as much as possible. 3: do not contact with corrosive chemicals to avoid corrosion. 4: do not use steel balls or sharp objects to wipe, so as not to cause scratches. Please do not be used as toys for children. Wash them with clean water in time.