Wall Mounted Concealed Shoe-Changing Stool

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  • 1. Environmental protection and health: no paint is more healthy, the surface coating has the effect of scratch resistance and corrosion resistance, space aluminum uses anodizing technology, and carbon steel uses electrostatic spraying technology
  • 2. Ergonomics: The height of the floor after opening is 373mm, which is more in line with human mechanics. The design of the rubber feet on the stool feet can protect the floor well.
  • 3. Strong load-bearing capacity: 200kg, 2mm thick carbon steel plate, all-metal structure, leather-textured cushion
  • 4. Silent noise reduction: circular silent damper, buffer opening and closing, will not affect family and neighbors
  • 5. Ultra-thin: Ultra-thin stool, with a folded thickness of only 7.5CM, suitable for various narrow spaces